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How Much Is Your Home Worth? Have you ever wondered, “What’s the current market value of my home in today’s market”? Determining a price when selling a home warrants careful ...

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Are you looking to move into a neighborhood, but know nothing about it? Before you buy a home, do a neighborhood search first. Here you can find statistics on local ...

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Whenever buying, selling or refinancing, you need to know how much it will cost. With our mortgage calculator tools, you can find out exactly wjhat your monthly payment will be, ...


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  How can a real estate agent help me? Whether you’re in ...


FINANCING ~ WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW  Fortunately, financing  today isn’t as ...

How Much House Can I Afford?

How much house can I afford? Before you start house hunting, you ...

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Retired? Great! Now Get Down to Monkey Business and Really Enjoy Life!

Alas the day has come!  Freedom from The Boss, The Time Clock, The Man, The Jefe.  Retirement! Albeit bittersweet of course due to the change in the norm and the friendships you’ve enjoyed that’ll be missed greatly.  On the plus side, there’s those who you’re relieved to not have to endure another day of their […]

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Giving back continues

Today we are happy to be able to give back by way of helping sponsor, Christian Dominic Torres, age 10, at this season’s Pop Warner Football. He’s a great kid who enjoys family time, sports, math and plays a little X-Box in his free time.  He’s already a superb athlete having played for the league […]

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The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) has decided to extend their anti-flipping rule out further til December 31st, 2014.  This rule was enacted initially to prevent rampant quick flips of homes where there weren’t significant improvements on run down or abandoned houses and sold them higher in weeks with the assistance of inflated appraisals. What this […]

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Buyers Be Aware

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High Cost Areas’ Loan Limit Due to Expire Oct 1st 2011

 If you are looking to purchase a home in the very near future in the “High Cost” areas and will be financing a loan amount between $625,501 and $729,750, the information below, compliments of California Association of Realtor’s Senior Research analyst, Sara Sutachan, is vital in your consideration of taking action now. “With the anticipated winding down of the […]

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Seven Steps to Buying a Home

Seven Steps to Buying a Home 1. Define your needs. We know it’s exciting to go house hunting, stopping in at multiple open houses.   That is truly fun it’s a good idea to define what kind of home and neighborhood would best suit your desires and needs and make a wish list. Share this […]

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